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The world continues to change and evolve a great deal and your life and goals have likely continued to develop as well. This is why the type of financial clarity and context provided by the team at Churchill Management Group has never been more important than it is right now. Our team of passionate and dedicated experts prides ourselves on our ability to provide you with the deeper insights and education necessary to make the most prudent decisions possible for your future.

Visit our Beaverton location, headed by Ali Kavianian, for comprehensive wealth management, financial advice, and retirement planning solutions. We invite you to learn more about award-winning Churchill Management Group.

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Beaverton Location

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A Personal Touch to Achieve Your Goals

Our financial advisors make planning your future easier than ever before.

At Churchill Management Group, we fully understand that no two clients are the same. Everyone lives a different life, has different risk tolerances, and different goals regarding what they hope the future will hold. Armed with consistent, insightful advice, you will have access to the information needed to make better and more informed decisions regarding all of your goals and objectives. At that point, we’ll also be able to provide you with the most important benefit of all: taking your vision of the future and aiming to bring it into reality in the most effective and straightforward way that we can.

Find our office next to Beaverton Central, close SW Rose Biggi Ave. Schedule an in-office consultation or call to speak with our local financial advisor now.

Churchill Ali Kavianian team member

Ali Kavianian, CFP®

Vice President

Mr. Kavianian joined Churchill Management Group in 2015 as a Vice President after 10 years in the financial services industry. Mr. Kavianian is an experienced Certified Financial Planner serving high net worth families, 401(k), foundations, nonprofits and endowments. Mr. Kavianian also serves executive roles on several boards and commissions for the Beaverton city area and was elected to a four year term for the Tualatin Hills Parks and Recreation District Board of Directors in 2015.

Mr. Kavianian is a graduate of Portland State University with a degree in Business Administration/Operations Management.

Churchill Joseph McLaughlin team member

Joseph D. McLaughlin

Vice President

Mr. McLaughlin joined Churchill Management Group as a Vice President after spending eight years in the investment industry. Prior to joining Churchill, Mr. McLaughlin held the role of Investment Consultant for four years with TD Ameritrade. Mr. McLaughlin has also held business development roles at various national investment firms including Merrill Lynch and Fisher Investments.

Mr. McLaughlin graduated from the University of Nevada Las Vegas with a Bachelor of Arts in Business Management.

Churchill Scott Perkins team member

Scott M. Perkins MBA, CFP®

Vice President Director of Financial Planning

Mr. Perkins joined Churchill Management Group’s Team in 2014 with over eighteen years of experience in the financial services industry. Prior to working at Churchill Management Group, Mr. Perkins worked at Ronald Blue & Co., specializing in comprehensive financial planning for high-net-worth clients and their families. Mr. Perkins began his financial services career in retail banking and real estate investing.

Mr. Perkins has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology from Cal. State University, Fullerton. In addition, he has two Master Degrees from Cal. State University, San Bernardino. These include a Masters of Business Administration and a Masters Degree in Finance. Coupled with his extensive experience and education, Mr. Perkins is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP®) making him uniquely qualified in the role he plays at Churchill Management Group.

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