Founded in 1963, Churchill’s mission is to help our clients build wealth over the long-term. At Churchill we know that life is meant to be enjoyed. It is an incredibly rewarding experience aiming to help our clients achieve their personal and financial goals so that they can enjoy the things that matter most. 


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Risk blended strategies

Our Core Values


Always acting with integrity is part of Churchill’s foundation. We aim to ensure we act in the best interest of our clients over time.


Churchill was founded by the Fern family in 1963 and to this day it is our goal to foster a supportive and nurturing family –like environment for all employees.

Inclusion and Diversity

At Churchill we believe our differences make us stronger. We respect and value the various different backgrounds and thoughts of all employees.

Why Churchill Management Group

Employees at Churchill share a passion for finance and helping people. These are just a few of the reasons to work at Churchill.


We offer a broad range of learning opportunities from industry relevant topics such as investment strategies to fun and interesting lifestyle topics such as how to make kombucha.


From company sponsored outings, such as professional baseball games, to access to top management we embrace a family atmosphere.


From a profit-sharing plan to health care plans we offer a number of benefits to our employees based on position and eligibility.

Make an

You will be directly helping people achieve their financial goals such as retirement or sending their child to college.

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Employee Testimonials

  • I have been working at Churchill Management since 1998. One of the reasons I like my job is because everyone shares the same vision and everyone is dedicated to that mission. This truly creates a family environment where everybody is there for each other. There is a genuine spirit of cooperation and shared goals, all revolving around helping the Client(s) feel comfortable and at ease.

    Furthermore, I have to say I love the company I work for, because upper Management and all employees at Churchill are the most caring, thoughtful, helpful people I have met, and I have built friendships that will last a lifetime. I truly see Churchill as my second home!
    Rossana Mashaal Senior Executive Assistant
  • I absolutely love working for Churchill. You know you have your dream job when you look forward to Monday mornings so you can get back to work! Not only do I get to do what I’m passionate about, which is helping clients achieve their financial goals, but I also work with amazing people. I have built life-long relationships here in my 12 years and these are people that I can count on no matter what the situation might be. My life and my family’s life has been blessed beyond my wildest dreams and I owe that all to Churchill.
    Michael Flynn Vice President
  • It really truly feels like a family here. The Executive Team is very close to the frontline. Our ideas and feedback are not only heard, but are actually implemented. As a company, we have a laser-focus on what is important- aiming to deliver on our promise to our clients to help them keep and grow what they worked so hard to accumulate. I feel what I do matters to our clients, my co-workers, and the company as a whole.
    Maximus Nguyen, Vice President
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