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Churchill Management Group is a Registered Investment Advisor that was founded in 1963 by Fred A. Fern, CEO and Chairman. Our numerous years of history have allowed us to invest in all types of markets, including the turbulent markets of the 1960’s and 1970’s. Our experience and in-depth research has taught us that by placing an emphasis on growth with preservation of capital under one of Churchill’s specific strategies investors can typically achieve their financial goals. For those Clients looking to stay fully invested whose goals do not stress preservation of capital Churchill can provide other unique investment strategies as well.

Churchill Management Group services a broad range of Clients throughout the United States. We believe that close personal attention is the key to helping our Clients achieve their personal goals. That is why we have a dedicated Client Servicing Team located throughout the country in order to provide our Clients with the comfort level they expect and deserve.

Experienced and knowledgeable members of the Churchill Team visit with Clients on a regular basis to review their portfolios and communicate our thoughts on the current market environment. At Churchill we are especially proud of our up-to-date communication program. We know that keeping our Clients informed is a key ingredient for successful management. Whether by telephone, by email, in person, or in written form, our Money Management Team is committed to making sure our Clients are informed with respect to their portfolios.

In addition, we realize many of our Clients work closely with consultants to obtain independent advice or manager selection. In any case we work collaboratively with investment advisors or consultants to carefully manage our Clients’ portfolios with the larger picture in mind.


Tactical Strategy

Tactical strategies aim to stay invested in low risk markets, and reduce exposure in high risk markets.

Fully Invested

Fully Invested strategies stay invested at all times, regardless of overall market risks.


When one strategy doesn’t fit your needs, the right combination can help alleviate risk.

Fixed Income

A solid approach for your desired level of risk

Tactical Strategies

The impact of a bear market on a stock portfolio can be devastating to individual investors. It can take investors years to recover their losses. Premier Wealth Tactical and Premier Wealth Tactical Core aim to preserve capital during times of high risk through the use of cash and cash equivalents. The percentage of the strategies invested in the stock market may vary substantially depending on Churchill’s judgment as to the prevailing risk in the market. When Churchill believes risks in the stock market are low, Churchill will increase the exposure to equities to attempt to take advantage of growth opportunities. When Churchill believes risks in the stock market are high, all of or a portion of the equity exposure may be moved to more stable short-term fixed income instruments and cash equivalent alternatives with the goal of protecting capital.

Premier Wealth Tactical’s equity or stock market philosophy can best be described as earnings growth driven under its fundamental approach within a technically oriented framework. Premier Wealth Tactical purchases the stock of companies it believes will have significant price appreciation. Additionally, Premier Wealth Tactical seeks to buy those companies in which Churchill has a sufficient degree of comfort, so they can be held with confidence for the long-term when Churchill believes market risks are low. Churchill’s objective is to own companies with strong competitive positions and formulas for growth that are proven and sustainable. Once a stock is purchased, in-depth research of the company continues ensuring that the fundamentally sound formula remains in place. In some circumstances, Premier Wealth Tactical may significantly utilize exchange traded funds, some of which may purchase foreign securities and stocks on foreign exchanges, to augment the strategy.

Premier Wealth Tactical Core will invest in exchange traded funds, domestic or foreign, that Churchill believes have the potential for significant price increases and will not purchase individual stocks.

Note, other mutual funds could be purchased within these strategies if it is considered to be in the best interest of the client due to account size or to acquire money market alternatives.

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Churchill offers Maximum Growth Tactical as a more aggressive tactical option to our Premier Wealth Tactical strategy.
Churchill recognizes that, during each stock market cycle, there are times when perceived low risk opportunities exist to maximize returns. Maximum Growth Tactical’s aim is to take advantage of these opportunities and achieve superior returns by increasing exposure to equities and through the use of leveraging techniques. When opportunities are present, Maximum Growth Tactical may purchase investments through the use of margin (for accounts with margin agreements) or utilize other investments, such as exchange traded funds (ETFs), which, in turn, engage in leveraged and margin trading. In some markets, some of these ETFs or mutual funds may purchase foreign securities and stocks on foreign exchanges to augment Churchill’s strategy. While Maximum Growth Tactical is likely to own larger, more concentrated equity positions as compared to a Premier Wealth Tactical Account, its “bottom-up” equity purchasing philosophy similarly applies the same fundamental approach within a technically oriented framework.

Equally, this strategy recognizes that the impact of a bear market on a stock market portfolio can be devastating to individual investors. Thus, the percentage invested in the stock market may vary substantially depending on Churchill’s judgment as to the prevailing risk in the market. When Churchill believes risks in the stock market are high, all of or a portion of the equity exposure may be moved to more stable short-term fixed income instruments and cash equivalent alternatives in order to protect capital.

Tactical Opportunity’s objective is to identify individual stocks which have positive technical characteristics suggesting a short-term opportunity.  The strategy combines a group of stocks found from within the S&P 500 with stocks from the entire universe of domestically traded stocks.  The stocks found within the S&P 500 tend to be middle to large capitalization stocks, while those found from the broader universe will often be smaller, more thinly traded stocks.

In addition, Tactical Opportunity may complement its holdings with the use of exchange traded funds (ETFs) in order to increase exposure to the equity market.  If the indicators dictate that risks are such that accounts can be fully invested, the strategy first looks to find individual stocks to purchase.  However, if the strategy’s indicators do not identify enough stocks to purchase to be invested to the percentage level it is suggesting, then ETFs may be utilized to do so. Similarly, as the strategy identifies risks and a determination is made to decrease exposure to the equity market to protect capital, individual stocks and ETFs may be sold.  While a portion of the equities typically found in the S&P 500 universe will stay largely invested throughout both bull and bear markets, at times cash and cash equivalents may be utilized for a portion of the account during extended periods if the strategy is not identifying equities that have the characteristics needed to maintain them in the portfolio.  As a result, the strategy does aim to provide some protection in high risk down markets. Under this strategy’s “bottom-up” approach, securities may be sold as a determination is made that they are not technically performing. In addition, a trailing stop-loss may be utilized to sell equities.

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Fully Invested Strategies


The Equity Dividend Income strategy is designed for Clients seeking to combine income from equities with their potential for growth. The strategy seeks to put together a fully invested equity portfolio with a well diversified group of high quality stocks paying a dividend higher than the average found in the S&P 500. The strategy looks to include high quality companies that have a high probability of continually growing dividends that are paid to shareholders. Earnings stability and future earnings prospects are reviewed for dividend payment stability and potential for long-term capital appreciation.
In addition to strong fundamentals, the portfolio also wants to hold those dividend paying stocks that are more technically favorable with positive relative strength as compared to other dividend paying stocks.


ETF Sector Rotation’s philosophy is that certain sectors in the market tend to out-perform and under-perform for prolonged periods of time. The Investment Management Team believes we can achieve superior returns by aiming to invest in the out-performing and often under-weighted sectors of the market.

ETF Sector Rotation may initially purchase an exchange traded fund (ETF) that is comprised of all equities on the S&P 500. Once Churchill has identified specific sectors in the S&P 500 that it believes have the potential to outperform the S&P 500, Churchill may sell a portion of or all of the this ETF to overweight the account in those sectors by purchasing sector specific ETFs. The Investment Management Team uses a variety of technical and fundamental indicators to identify the sectors that Churchill believes will exhibit the potential for significant price appreciation versus the overall market. While ETF Sector Rotation is typically fully invested and subject to market risk, certain sectors will be employed as defensive positions with the aim of outperforming the index in down markets. Based on a Client’s needs, individual goals, and chosen allocation, Churchill may also invest a portion of the account in various stylistic ETFs (i.e. large cap, growth) and International ETFs (Emerging and International Markets) consistent with Churchill’s analysis of the market. In smaller accounts CMG may choose to solely purchase and stay invested in ETFs not normally purchased in Sector Rotation that invest in macro market indices despite client’s strategy selection until such time as the account grows to a level making managing in the selected strategy appropriate.

Furthermore, a client may choose to combine various allocations of Premier Wealth Tactical Core and ETF Sector Rotation within one account.  The actual ETFs used in replacement of or in addition to those outlined herein may vary at Management’s discretion.

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The S&P 500 is divided into multiple sectors. Each of these sectors historically performs better or worse within certain stages of market cycles. The S&P 500 typically over-weights or under-weights each sector based on past successes or failures, which may increase volatility and lower returns with index funds. Equity Growth and Value’s goal is to identify and purchase leading individual stocks within these sectors and to minimize short-term gains by potentially holding each position for at least 1 year.


Equity Growth Opportunity aims to generate excess returns over the long-term by investing in both growth and value equities. By investing in both, Churchill seeks out the best opportunities for overall growth.

Growth investing focuses on companies during their growth stages where significant revenue and/or earnings increases are realized. Value investing takes advantage of companies that may have been out of favor, are in a special situation, or may have been oversold and are positioned for an up-cycle that can lead to results that are above expectations. Fundamental, technical, and sentiment indicators are used to identify both growth and value equities Churchill believes will generate superior returns.

Combination Strategies


By combining Premier Wealth Tactical Core with ETF Sector Rotation, Clients receive the benefit of the statistically tested indicators of ETF Sector Rotation coupled with the fundamental and technical analysis of Premier Wealth Tactical Core.

Premier Wealth Tactical Core has been successful in reducing the impact of numerous bear markets throughout its history by utilizing cash and cash equivalents. Premier Wealth Tactical Core seeks to deliver superior returns in favorable market periods, while protecting investment capital during unfavorable periods.
ETF Sector Rotation largely uses a quantitative systematic approach, taking the emotion out of investing. ETF Sector Rotation provides the ability to quickly reallocate and diversify its portion of your portfolio to keep up with the market leadership without taking on undue risk. ETF Sector Rotation largely stays fully invested through full market cycles aiming to purchase the leadership through exchange traded funds (ETFs) tied to the sectors of S&P 500.

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Fixed Income


Clients may elect to have a portion or all of their account allocated toward yield oriented instruments.The purpose of yield-oriented investments in a Balanced Account is to reduce volatility and risk while providing an underlying base of consistent returns to the portfolio. To accomplish the fixed income strategy Churchill places a tremendous emphasis on quality. Churchill pays close attention to the strength of the bond issuer, buys only investment-grade issues, and maintains diversification across industry sectors and issuers. Churchill generally “ladders” bonds with an average maturity of typically between three to seven years.

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