Risk Blended Strategies

Strategy Summary

Risk Blended Strategies combine both a tactical strategy with a fully invested strategy to aim to maximize both growth and capital preservation. This allows each client to tailor the allocation within a single account so that a minimum percentage of the portfolio will always remain invested in the stock market based on risk tolerance.

Our Risk Blended Strategies allow our clients to receive the benefit of the statistically tested indicators of ETF Sector Rotation with the fundamental and technical analysis of Premier Wealth Tactical Core. These strategies  take into account the risk toleration of each of our investors while focusing on capital appreciation. While the  ETF Sector Rotation portion remains invested at all times, the Premier Wealth Tactical Core portion aims to preserve capital during high-risk periods through the use of cash and cash equivalents.

At Churchill Management Group, we offer three different asset allocation fund options between Premier Wealth Tactical Core (PWTC) and ETF Sector Rotation (ETF SR):

  • Churchill Moderate: 70% Premier Wealth Tactical Core/30% ETF SectorRotation
  • Churchill Moderately Aggressive: 50% Premier Wealth Tactical Core/50% ETF Sector Rotation
  • Churchill Aggressive: 30% Premier Wealth Tactical Core/70% ETF Sector Rotation


Premier Wealth Tactical Core

Premier Wealth Tactical Core has no mandate to stay fully invested in equities. The strategy  aims to reduce equity exposure for our investors during high risk market periods and grow capital during low risk market periods.. Our portfolio managers use  unique op-down principles complemented with a bottom-up approach to determine when to invest and how much to invest. 

ETF Sector Rotation

ETF Sector Rotation’s philosophy is that certain sectors in the market tend to out-perform and under-perform for prolonged periods of time. The Investment Management Team believes it can achieve superior returns by aiming to invest in the out-performing and often under-weighted sectors of the market. This fully invested and systematic approach is designed to take the emotion out of investing.


At Churchill Management Group, we take the guesswork out of wealth management. Our research and learning experiences have allowed us to create a disciplined  approach to investing, that may be suitable for investors of any risk level. Using our Risk Blended Strategies and knowledge about the investment market, you can have confidence that we will aim to align your portfolio with your individual goals. Let us guide you through the process with one of our investment advisors.

About Churchill Management Group


Churchill Management Group is a GIPS® compliant firm that was founded in 1963. The Executive Team has investment management experience totaling over 150 years. Churchill places a high value on building long-term relationships.

Investment Management

Accounts are managed individually and balanced toward each Client’s individual needs and goals. Churchill applies both a “bottom-up” and “top-down” (macroeconomic) approach to investing. Churchill uses both Tactical and Fully Invested strategies, understanding that each approach may perform better or worse depending on where we are in the stock market cycle.

Financial Planning

Churchill provides comprehensive Financial Planning services focused on helping clients achieve their individualized goals. Financial Plans may be reassessed periodically to make sure clients stay on track.

Client Service

Churchill Management spends a considerable amount of time communicating with clients and/or their consultants to evaluate investment objectives better and implement investment policies. Churchill provides clients with complete reporting on the progress of their accounts and provides clear and concise year-end statements. Churchill has the ability to focus its reporting on the needs of individual clients.


Financial Planning Services Disclosure; Churchill provides financial planning services to Clients that specifically engage Churchill for that service. The planning can include defining goals, designing a plan, assisting with implementing the plan, and evaluating and adjusting the plan over time, at the request of the client. The financial planning includes advice regarding securities investing and may include discussions of a client’s tax, insurance, employee benefits, estate planning, and other issues. Churchill, however, does not provide legal, insurance, employee benefit, estate planning, tax, or accounting advice, and the client must rely on legal, insurance, and accounting professionals for that advice and documentation.


Churchill Management Group claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).A list of composite descriptions and a list of limited distribution pooled fund descriptions are available upon request by emailing info@churchillmanagement.com. GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. As with all investment strategies, there is a risk of loss. Please see Churchill Management’s Form ADV2 to understand certain risks involved with each individual investment strategy.