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Risk Blended Strategies

Risk Blended Strategies: A Two-Pronged Approach

Risk Blended Strategies combine the benefits of a tactical strategy with a fully invested strategy. This allows the client to tailor their allocation within a single account so that a minimum percentage always remains invested in the stock market.

Why Risk Blended?

By combining Churchill’s Premier Wealth Tactical Core and ETF Sector Rotation strategies, you can benefit from the best of both strategies, combining statistically tested indicators with fundamental and technical analysis.

PWTC + ETF SR = Risk Blended Strategies

Premier Wealth Tactical Core
  • Aims to preserve capital during times of high risk through the use of cash and cash equivalents
  • Purchases Exchange Traded Funds believed to demonstrate significant growth appreciation potential
  • Utilizes both technical analysis and continuous fundamental research to achieve results
ETF Sector Rotation
  • Aims to achieve superior returns using a largely quantitative systematic approach, taking the emotion out of investing
  • Seeks to invest in outperforming sectors of the S&P 500 while underweighting areas that are lagging
  • Purchases Exchange Traded Funds within sectors, as defined by the S&P 500, that may own equities that are not within the S&P 500
Risk Blended Strategies
  • Receives benefit of both tactical and fully invested approach
  • Remains continuously invested through ETF Sector Rotation, while aiming to preserve capital during high-risk periods with Premier Wealth Tactical Core
  • Added flexibility and opportunity with a more tailored approach
Risk blended strategies image
Risk blended strategies

Our Risk Blended Strategies

Risk Blended Strategies support the portfolio through a combination of Premier Wealth Tactical Core (PWTC) and ETF Sector Rotation (ETF SR). Tailored to the clients’ objectives and risk tolerance, Churchill Management Group offers three different allocation options between Premier Wealth Tactical Core and ETF Sector Rotation.
Churchill Moderate
Chart moderate
ETF SR 30%
PWTC 70%
Churchill Moderately Aggressive
Chart moderately aggressive
ETF SR 50%
PWTC 50%
Churchill Aggressive
Chart aggressive
ETF SR 70%
PWTC 30%

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