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Investment Philosophy

Investment Philosophy

What guides our investment management approach? In short, the answer is you. The Churchill Management investment approach is built around important guiding principles all designed to help you aim to reach your specific goals and objectives based on your unique risk profile.

A Lifelong Approach to Investing

Since 1963, Churchill Management has successfully guided our Clients through both Bull and Bear financial markets. Today, we carefully advise affluent individuals and institutions across the country with our cutting-edge portfolio design. By employing a systematic multi-strategy investment approach that combines tactical and fully invested strategies, we aim to ensure you are being managed in an appropriate balance for your individual risk tolerance.

Our Guiding Principles, Your Portfolio and Risk

We believe an investor’s primary aim should be achieving their unique overall goals, including both personal and financial objectives. In doing so we hope to assist our Clients minimize risk and maintain portfolio longevity.

Steps We Take to Minimize Portfolio Risk While Generating Returns

  • We firmly believe that Clients have their own unique expectations and risk profile. In order to create an investment approach that is suited to each client’s needs we have a selection of both tactical and fully invested strategies.
  • High-quality investment grade bonds may help to reduce portfolio risk.
  • Our studies have shown that various investments provide significantly different results dependent upon where we are in market and economic cycles.  It is our philosophy that understanding these cycles provides an outstanding reference point from which to make investment decisions.
  • For many of Churchill’s investment strategies we use our technical, fundamental and sentiment market indicators as tools in a “top-down” manner to help us make decisions about the allocation of Client assets between various types of asset classes.  Once our Investment Management Team has made a decision regarding the allocation of assets, we evaluate the particular investments from a “bottom-up” perspective.
  • Our experience and in-depth research has taught us that, by placing an emphasis on growth with preservation of capital under one of Churchill’s specific tactical strategies, investors can typically achieve their financial goals. For those Clients looking to stay fully invested whose goals do not stress preservation of capital, Churchill can provide other unique investment strategies as well.

Tactical vs. Fully Invested: Multi-Strategy Approach

Churchill offers a dual approach to navigating various markets, understanding that each approach may perform better or worse depending on where we are in the stock market cycle.

Tactical strategies utilize cash and cash equivalents in perceived periods of risk and aim to outperform over a full market cycle. Fully Invested strategies stay invested at all times, regardless of overall market risks. We have various specific equity strategies that fall under one of these two categories, Tactical or Fully Invested, or a combination of the two.

Investment Strategy Alternatives

Investment Risk Disclosure

Investment Risk Disclosure Clients should invest with a long-term time frame and understand that no one can guarantee investment results. Investing in the securities markets entails the risk of loss. In all events, each account is assigned general investment percentage goals/guidelines and an investment strategy, both of which may change from time to time upon direction from the Client. The Client understands these goals/guidelines are approximate and the actual amount invested in each asset class may vary considerably depending on Management’s assessment of market risk and the specific investment strategy chosen by the Client. At times, Churchill Management Group may choose to invest accounts, including accounts which have assets with a fixed income and equity goal/guideline, above the equity goal/guideline set by the Client, effectively adjusting the balance of the portfolio, as Churchill Management Group determines in its sole discretion, that under present market conditions so doing would be in the reasonable best interests of the portfolio. Churchill Management Group may employ defensive investment strategies notwithstanding Clients’ investment strategies and restrictions. Clients should understand that both Fully Invested and Tactical investment approaches come with the risk of loss. Fully Invested strategies are not concerned with overall market risks, staying invested even during bear markets. While Tactical strategies aim to reduce exposure prior to bear markets, no guarantee can be made as to success. No guarantee can be made as to curtailing tax liabilities and Clients should look to their separate tax advisor for tax advice.

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