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Financial Planning Services

The world around us is constantly changing – and the same is true of your life goals. In this increasingly uncertain world, the team at Churchill Management Group is dedicated to providing financial clarity and context to those who need it most.

It’s safe to say that prudent decisions are important, and we pride ourselves on our ability to offer our clients the types of deep insights and education needed to make better and more informed decisions across the board. In some situations, we may even offer complimentary financial planning, which, together with sound and proactive investment management, aims to help you achieve your goals and exceed your expectations.

All told, we’ll work closely with you to develop a financial plan that aims to bring your personal life and your finances together in the way they were always meant to be. Not only will you be ready to take on whatever life happens to throw at you today – you’ll be better prepared for your coming retirement as well.

So if you’d like to find out more about our robust and innovative financial planning services, or if you just have any additional questions that you’d like to discuss with someone in a bit more detail, please don’t delay – contact Churchill Management Group today.

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Financial Clarity Transforms Lives

Our professional services are designed to provide clients, like yourself, with clarity, focus, and direction in their financial lives. Armed with expert, consistent and insightful advice, you’ll finally have access to the information you need to make the types of decisions that are specifically tailored to your goals and objectives – not somebody else’s.

We put this transformative power exactly where it belongs, with you.

Our Financial Planning Services

The team at Churchill Management Group will always invest the time to understand you, your situation, and what you hope to accomplish – all with the aim of achieving your goals. Setting up a planning session with one of our Certified Financial Planners today can provide you with the following:

Retirement Needs Assessment & Recommendations

You should be able to live out your retirement years in peace and comfort – you shouldn’t have to worry about where your money will be coming from. Based on your future goals and where you want to end up, we can guide you with what you need to do today to get there.

Plans delivered exclusively by CFP® certificant

CFP certificants go through extensive training to develop their financial planning skills to assist you in achieving your wealth management and personal goals. This goes above and beyond the normal advice focused on investment analysis and portfolio strategy.

Estate Planning*

An up-to-date estate plan helps ensure your legacy goals are properly in place. We will work directly with your estate planning attorney to make sure you are on track to achieve your goals. See disclosure below.

Net Worth Analysis

Your net worth does more than just show you how far you’ve come. It’s also a great indication of where you’re going. We’ll aim to make sure that you’re on the right path and moving in the right direction.

Income & Expenses Cash Flow Analysis

Together, this will show both your liquidity and your overall profitability in terms of the money you’re bringing in and where it’s going every month. Truly understanding this flow provides the path toward maximizing your savings while still being able to enjoy everyday life.

Tax Planning Analysis*

At your request, Churchill will provide a tax analysis and review. We would be glad to coordinate with your tax professional to determine any necessary changes. See disclosure below.

Social Security Analysis

This allows us to take a closer look at your situation, collecting all relevant information needed to aim to optimize your net after-tax income.  The timing of taking Social Security benefits, along with the sequence of retirement accounts and other asset withdrawals, can impact your retirement finances.

Insurance Needs Analysis

Even if you’re in perfect health today, that may not hold true forever. Our team of professionals can take a closer look at your situation to make sure that you’re adequately covered, regardless of what happens with your health or other factors in the future.

Children & Education Needs Review

If you have kids, they may need to go to college one day – which means that you need to start saving today. Intelligent and proactive planning is a great way to avoid suddenly being hit with a major financial burden.

Goal Identification & Achievement Plan

By understanding exactly what your overall goals are, we can break the process of accomplishing them into a series of smaller, more realistic, and actionable steps. We can also track them over the long-term to make sure that everything is proceeding as it should be.

Investment Strategy, Risk Tolerance Assessment

Everyone has their own unique level of risk. Understanding your own risk tolerance – both personally and financially – can help us develop the best investment strategy possible.

How Churchill Management Group Can Help

At Churchill Management Group, we believe that close, personal attention is the key to helping you achieve every last one of your investment goals. There is truly no “one size fits all” approach to financial planning., All clients are unique, and no two risk profiles are created equally. Therefore, we utilize a holistic approach to take the bigger picture into account – all in a way that allows for the effective management of your wealth based on all of your unique goals.

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Financial Planning FAQs

What is financial planning?

At its core, financial planning compares your current financial situation to your long-term monetary goals, all while helping to develop strategies that will achieve those goals one-by-one. It's a way to make sure you're in a position to accomplish your dreams, all while negotiating common financial barriers at the same time.

What is the first step in financial planning?

The first step in the financial planning process always involves defining and agreeing on your financial objectives and goals. Only once you know where you're headed will you be able to put an actionable plan in place to get there.

Why is financial planning important?

Financial planning is important because major elements like prudent spending and careful budgeting will always help you keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible and ultimately enjoy the life you envision.

What are the advantages of financial planning?

In addition to giving yourself a proper financial education and helping you meet your financial goals, working with a financial advisor is important because it allows you to play the long game. Financial health always takes time to improve, exactly the way your body's health does. By putting small steps in place today, you can start to see significant gains tomorrow and beyond - and it's absolutely never too early to start.

*Financial Planning Services Disclosure

Financial Planning Services Disclosure; Churchill provides financial planning services to Clients that specifically engage Churchill for that service. The planning can include defining goals, designing a plan, assisting with implementing the plan, and evaluating and adjusting the plan over time, at the request of the client. The financial planning includes advice regarding securities investing and may include discussions of a client’s tax, insurance, employee benefits, estate planning, and other issues. Churchill, however, does not provide legal, insurance, employee benefit, estate planning, tax, or accounting advice, and the client must rely on legal, insurance, and accounting professionals for that advice and documentation.

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