Premier Wealth Tactical Core Investing

Premier Wealth Tactical Core

Strategy Summary

Markets can be volatile and cause people to act in irrational  ways. Your investments will do better, however, when you commit to a plan for handling the different turns of the stock market.

For those looking to approach the stock market with a strong risk management strategy, Premier Wealth Tactical Core may be an excellent  solution. This strategy aims to protect your assets when the market takes a dip, but seeks out opportunities for growth as the market improves. Through careful research and market analysis, Churchill aims to carefully manage your investments with your goals in mind. 

Premier Wealth Tactical Core’s percentage invested in the stock market may vary substantially depending on Management’s judgment of the prevailing risks in the market.

When Management believes risks are low, it may increase equity exposure to take advantage of growth opportunities.

When Management believes risks are high, all or a portion of the equity exposure may be moved to more stable short-term fixed income instruments and/or cash equivalents to protect capital.

Premier Wealth Tactical Core’s equity or stock market philosophy can best be described as earnings growth driven under its fundamental approach within a technically oriented framework. Premier Wealth Tactical Core purchases the stock of companies, through exchange traded funds, that it believes will have significant price appreciation. Churchill’s objective is to own equities with strong competitive positions and formulas for growth that are proven and sustainable. Once a fund is purchased, in-depth research on the exchange traded fund and the stocks within it continues, ensuring that the fundamentally sound formula remains in place..

Weighing Risk vs Reward

Premier Wealth Tactical Core aims to protect your assets against the devastating impact of a Bear Market. When the stock market declines during these periods, anxiety may creep in and the need for an investment approach that aims to preserve capital during periods of high risk often arises. First, Churchill determines, through technical, fundamental, and sentiment indicators, if  clients  should be invested based upon prevailing market risk.. Once a determination has been made from a Top Down perspective as to how much equity exposure clients should take in the market, the portfolio management team will focus on which specific securities to purchase from a Bottom Up perspective with the goal of achieving long term growth.  

The management team recognizes that In a Bear Market, as losses grow, the needed break-even return increases at a faster rate:

Graph of Investment Loss Recovery

Typical Investment Process

  • Determine your financial and personal goals while taking into account your risk tolerance.
  • Evaluate risks in the market and determine appropriate equity exposure.
  • Invest in general market index ETFs while we determine market leadership.
  • As confidence builds, invest in broad style ETFs such as Small Cap and Growth.
  • As the percent invested increases, sector and industry targeting ETFs are used with the goal of  generating Alpha.


Everyone wants to find security in the ever-shifting stock market, but navigating  the unpredictable phases of the market takes skill, patience, and trust.Since 1963, Premier Wealth Tactical has largely avoided the last 11 Bear Markets byusing a time tested  investment strategy that aims to  protect your assets. This same approach has been applied to Premier Wealth Tactical Core.  At Churchill, we aim to build your wealth for the long term so that you can live life the way you want. 

About Churchill Management Group


Churchill Management Group is a GIPS® compliant firm that was founded in 1963. The Executive Team has investment management experience totaling over 150 years. Churchill places a high value on building long-term relationships.

Investment Management

Accounts are managed individually and balanced toward each Client’s individual needs and goals. Churchill applies both a “bottom-up” and “top-down” (macroeconomic) approach to investing. Churchill uses both Tactical and Fully Invested strategies, understanding that each approach may perform better or worse depending on where we are in the stock market cycle.

Financial Planning

Churchill provides comprehensive Financial Planning services focused on helping clients achieve their individualized goals. Financial Plans may be reassessed periodically to make sure clients stay on track.

Client Service

Churchill Management spends a considerable amount of time communicating with clients and/or their consultants to evaluate investment objectives better and implement investment policies. Churchill provides clients with complete reporting on the progress of their accounts and provides clear and concise year-end statements. 


Financial Planning Services Disclosure; Churchill provides financial planning services to Clients that specifically engage Churchill for that service. The planning can include defining goals, designing a plan, assisting with implementing the plan, and evaluating and adjusting the plan over time, at the request of the client. The financial planning includes advice regarding securities investing and may include discussions of a client’s tax, insurance, employee benefits, estate planning, and other issues. Churchill, however, does not provide legal, insurance, employee benefit, estate planning, tax, or accounting advice, and the client must rely on legal, insurance, and accounting professionals for that advice and documentation.


Churchill Management Group claims compliance with the Global Investment Performance Standards (GIPS®).A list of composite descriptions and a list of limited distribution pooled fund descriptions are available upon request by emailing GIPS® is a registered trademark of CFA Institute. CFA Institute does not endorse or promote this organization, nor does it warrant the accuracy or quality of the content contained herein. As with all investment strategies, there is a risk of loss. Please see Churchill Management’s Form ADV2 to understand certain risks involved with each individual investment strategy.