Our Tactical Investing Strategy Gives You a Better Wealth Management Plan than “Just Ride it Out”

Aim to reduce your exposure to market drops and preserve your wealth with an investment strategy that has largely avoided the last 11 bear markets.*

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Top-Rated Tactical Investment Strategy

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Investment Strategy for Financial Security During Bear Markets and Slow Economies 

Our Premier Wealth Tactical investment philosophy is designed with a simple approach– aiming to grow capital in favorable markets and protect in less favorable, high risk environments.

Our analysts look for signs that a drop is coming, then we may exit until the market stabilizes.  Following this methodology we’ve helped our clients to largely avoid all 11 bear markets since we opened our doors in 1963.

Churchill Management Helps You Withstand Market Volatility 

Market fluctuations can be unsettling and cause you to worry that your investment objectives are at risk. However, is it possible to survive and even thrive during these troubled times.

Churchill Management helps you with financial planning and you may ask any one of our experienced financial advisors about stock prices, market volatility and how to manage and aim to protect your investments.

Honest Planning. Client-Focused Advising.

We believe in building relationships and bringing a personal touch to your financial plan. Our clients have stuck around for decades because of our approach to client-focused wealth management.

We are always upfront with our perspective and advice. You need a company that has no hidden agendas or incentives that could steer you slightly off course. Our main focus is on keeping our clients at the top of their game, creating a symbiotic relationship that benefits you first and foremost.

There is more you can do than “just ride it out”.  Protect your financial future with a wealth management plan that aims to not leave you exposed or force you to delay retirement.  Talk with an advisor today for a free review of your portfolio.


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Investing involves risk of loss. Please review strategy descriptions and investment risks set forth in the Schedule F of Churchill's Form ADV2 located in the News & Resources section of this website. No guarantee can be made as to performance results. No guarantee can be made as to curtailing tax liabilities and Clients should look to their separate tax advisor for tax advice.

*As of 12/31/21. AUM includes both discretionary and non-discretionary assets under advisement.

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*Past performance is no guarantee of future returns.
***As of 6/30/22. AUM includes both discretionary and non-discretionary assets under advisement.