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Is Your Investment Portfolio Right For You

By August 21, 2017July 6th, 2020News

Is Your Investment Portfolio Right For You?

As a leading independent advisory firm in Los Angeles, we know financial planning can be a daunting task to maneuver. As experts handling the best investment decisions for our clients and standing out from the sea of RIAs with our unique strategies, we want to simply break down all your options and avoid risks in order to make our clients feel confident in where their money is going. 

“Having a multi-strategy approach allows us to create the most appropriate asset allocation for the client to both meet their needs and keep them comfortable, for whichever part of the market cycle we encounter.” – President Randy Conner 

Knowing where your money goes and saving for retirement is something we’d like to offer as a seamless service to achieve personal, business, or family goals. Every month we’ll breakdown each of our one-of-a-kind strategies for a better understanding on how we differentiate ourselves as a top money management firm and how we help our clients achieve financial independence.

Our Unique Tactical Equity Strategies

Our Tactical strategies aim to “make it and keep it.” To manage risk, the tactical strategy increases cash in perceived higher risk times. When the market is down 50 percent, you must withstand all the emotion of the market as it heads down, and it must recover 100 percent just to get even. 

Premier Wealth Tactical and Premier Tactical Core aim to preserve capital during times of high risk through the use of cash and cash equivalents. When we believe risks in the stock market are low, we’ll increase the exposure to equities to attempt to take advantage of opportunities. When risks are high, all or a portion of equity exposure may be moved to more stable short-term fixed income instruments and cash equivalents alternatives to protect capital.

Premier Wealth Tactical and Premier Wealth Tactical Core – This strategy aims to purchase company stocks (or ETFs) that will have significant price appreciation and provide comfort for long-term investing under a fundamental approach within a technical framework. In addition, it recognizes that a bear market can be devastating to investors.

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